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    Mario Ahlers, OKUSLIDE® liners

OKUSLIDE® keeps it smooth.

OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue 5893 – premium quality for almost any application area.


Unloading bulk materials from a worn bed will become increasingly difficult and dangerous, especially once you need to tilt the bed at an extreme angle before the load starts to slide.
A UV-protected OKUSLIDE® plastic liner retrofitted to the bed will ensure that your load slides quickly and cleanly off the bed. The material has integrated additives to ensure excellent sliding properties.

Even very low temperatures down to -40°C should not have any effect on the quality of the plastic due to its good mechanical properties. OKUSLIDE® wear liners are available in a complete system package including customer support, material development, design, and installation.


OKUSLIDE® is suitable for normal-temperature bulk goods and goods that are still hot at particle sizes of up to around 200 mm at continuous operating temperatures of up to 80°C, or brief surges up to 100°C, depending on the liner’s material thickness.
OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue 5893 is not approved for transporting asphalt.


OKUSLIDE® facts that pay off.


New or used vehicles – OKUSLIDE® gives you a cost-effective solution.

  • Lasts 2 to 3 times as long as an aluminium-only bed
  • Far lower adhesion from sticky solids, and almost no freezing on
  • Increased safety and stability during unloading due to the gentler bed tilt
  • Faster unloading times due to excellent sliding properties
  • Low cleaning requirement - Resistant to a variety of acids and alkalis
  • Assembly at our factory in just one day

You and the manufacturer can optimise the bed for your needs using OKUSLIDE® liners on new vehicles. A variety of vehicle manufacturers from Germany and the world already list OKUSLIDE® liners as an optional extra.


Installation on used vehicles.


OKUSLIDE® is especially attractive for used dumper trucks with beds that need to be repaired or replaced. Nothing on the market comes close to an OKUSLIDE® liner as a cost-effective solution. Our team has extensive experience in installing liners into trucks with different materials and bed geometries.

Our highly motivated employees can react flexibly to any challenge, especially at our plant in Ahaus-Ottenstein.


Roll it in, fit it, done: It’s that simple.


It could hardly be more convenient – OKUSLIDE® liners can be fitted to any dumper truck, anywhere you are.
We send the material at a thickness of 15 mm on rolls. We would be pleased to have our installation team come to your location and fit your liner for you.

As you would expect, having your liners installed by OKULEN® is not only very quick, but obviously far more cost-effective than having new aluminium or steel sheet welded in.


By the way, OKUSLIDE® also gives you an ideal solution for adhesion problems on Loaders, Slides, Hoppers or Bunkers.

We would be pleased to give you any more details you need about our liners or any other products from the OKULEN® range.


Flyer to Download:

OKUSLIDE® Flyer.pdf


OKUSLIDE® - Tough Blue 5874


Possible recommendations:

  • OKUSLIDE® Premium blue FN5893
    (PE-UHMW with lubricant modification)
  • OKUSLIDE® Tough Blue FN5874
    (wear-optimized PE-UHMW)
  • OKULEN® 2000 Tough Black FN9694
    (wear-optimized PE-UHMW + antistatic PE-UHMW)
Tough blue

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