Our environment matters!


Sustainable development means fulfilling our needs without the possibility of damaging the future of generations to come. This sounds general and imprecise. However, for us, Ottensteiner Kunststoff GmbH &Co. KG., it has a tangible impact on our activities.
Since the company’s foundation in 1977 we have attached great importance to resource conservation, material and energy efficiency – not only for economic reasons. 
It’s good to know that environmental protection and plastic production do not necessarily contradict each other.


The environmental strategy of OKULEN® at a glance:

  • We are able to recycle 100 % of our production wastes and use it in new products

  • 50 % of our pressed sheets consist of regenerated materials.

  • Under specific conditions we take back machining waste and off-cuts from our customers and put them back into production, via our recycling facilities.

  • Our commitment to new technologies has enabled us to preserve resources by consequent use of heat recovery techniques.

  • We analyze compressed air consumption and optimize it regularly.

  • We are converting our lighting systems to LED-technology, thus reducing our energy consumption.

  • On acquisition of new plant and equipment we especially consider the consumption of energy. In so doing we reduce the consumption of limited resources such as oil and gas. This results in a reduction to our CO2 emissions.

  • We regularly participate in energy audits.


Speaking of limited resources:

In discussions about sustainability it is often suggested to use renewable raw materials. For example using wood instead of plastic, or the use of bioethanol for the production of raw materials. In this connection it is often overlooked that forest and agricultural land are also a limited resource.

The use of our plastics for example in port engineering (marine fenders) contributes to a lower consumption of tropical woods, thus conserving natural resources.

If you still have further questions concerning sustainability and ecology of OKULEN®, please ask and we will be pleased to answer them.

Just send an email or give us a call.


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