Everything that keeps handling equipment moving.


Acids, detergents, water, friction, wear – factors that will shorten the lifetime of any conveyor system. This calls for extremely strong materials, and handling engineering elements from OKULEN® have the qualities that keep things moving.


Tried and true materials for your application.

High and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ensures excellent sliding properties, high wear resistance, low weight and resistance to acids while eliminating noise and repelling water.
We at OKULEN® supply a wide range of tried and true engineering materials for components such as star wheels, guide rollers and pulleys, bushings, protective strips, slide strips and augers.
We recommend our high-performance plastics such as OKULEN® 2000 – Dry Run FN9120 or OKULEN® 2000 – MO grey FN9620 for extremely heavy-duty materials handling.
We also supply custom materials developed at our own lab. We have the perfect product for your specification.

OKULEN® 2000 – Dry Run FN9120

OKULEN® 2000 – MO grau FN9620

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