Customer information Corona virus

Dear customers/suppliers,

Corona keeps our country busy.

We strive to live up to our responsibility towards our employees, you and other people.
In order to continue to be your reliable customer and supplier, we have taken various
precautions to maintain our business operations:

  • increased hygienic measures

  • Workplace rotation to prevent the closure of entire departments with equal
    responsibility in the event of problems

  • Creation of shift work in different areas

  • the avoidance of physical contact

  • the avoidance of non-essential travel

  • the avoidance of mettings in larger groups

  • the use of home office

  • the wearing of a mouth-nose protection

With these measures, we want to actively contribute to hopefully containing the spread of
the virus, but at least slowing it down and ensuring that, in the event of an infection in our
plant, we have taken all necessary measures to ensure that the infected person has had as
little contact with other people as possible.

Outside of these restrictions, we are fully available to you, albeit sometimes with a time lag.
At present, our supply of raw materials and the ability to deliver our products is assured
because we have proactively maintained adequate stocks.

Some time ago we already pointed out that, depending on the sender country of our
products to be purchased or the recipient country of our products to be shipped, longer
transit times in the logistics area and a shortage of loading space capacities could occur.
These cases are currently occurring very frequently. In addition, there is an increasing
number of delayed departures and short-notice re-routing of container ships due to
congestion at the original ports of reception.

The situation in air freight is similar. Passenger flights have not yet fully commenced,
which significantly limits the available cargo space in most countries in the South AsiaPacific region.

Overall, we are therefore seeing delayed departures, longer transit times and rising freight
rates on all transport routes.
Regarding truck traffic, we attach a link from the forwarding company Koch, which shows
an overview of current possible delays, which may result from waiting times at the

Since the current situation can change fundamentally every day, we will inform you in case
of changes or updates on our website at

Thank you for your trust in OKULEN®, stay healthy.

With kind regards,

(07th January 2021)


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